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Support Hours: 9AM-5PM Monday thru Friday EST.
Online Support: We encourage our users to take advantage of our free Online Support Discussion.
Email Support: Available to users who purchase a support contract (see below).
Electronic Billing Support:
Technical Support:
Support Contract: Please contact 877-650-0904 to purchase a Support Contract.
Per-Call: $55.00 Per Call (maximum of 30 minutes) - Unused minutes cannot be used for additional calls.


Premier Billing

Tutorial videos are available within the online help file

Advanced Medical Billing Software

Your First Claim using EZClaim Advanced (03:40 Min/Sec)
How to enter and print your first EZClaim Advanced 8 claim.

Payments and Statements (02:15 Min/Sec)
How to enter payments and create patient statements.

Appointment Scheduler

Your First Appointment (01:26 Min/Sec)
How to create and schedule your first patient.

Checkout Procedure (02:22 Min/Sec)
Collecting a payment, printing a receipt, and transferring to EZClaim.

Scheduler Themes (00:21 Min/Sec)
How to change themes in the Scheduler.

Manuals + Guides

Advanced Manuals

Advanced 9 Manual pdf-icon
ANSI 837 User Guide pdf-icon
Advanced ANSI 837 Cross Reference

Auto Posting ERA's pdf-icon
Secondary Claims pdf-icon

Premier Manuals

Premier Billing Manual
Premier Scheduling Manual
Premier ANSI 837 Cross Reference - 837 Professional - 837 Institutional

ANSI 837 Professional Documents

Direct Payer List pdf-icon

Claim Adjustment Reason Codes
Provider Taxonomy Codes 


EZClaim Advanced Reports

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Clearinghouse Support

Wondering how the clearinghouse works or how long it takes to sign up? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Clearinghouse Documents

Gateway  Payer List
Gateway Advanced 9 User Guide


Remote Support


Exporting a Claim File to Your Local Computer
Adding the Advanced 9 Icon to Your Remote Desktop


Analyzing EDI Files pdf-icon
Backing Up Your Data pdf-icon
Export a File to your Local Computer pdf-icon
Export a file to your Local Mac Computer pdf-icon
Logging into the Portal pdf-icon