Features + Pricing

  • Software that makes your life easier

    EZClaim software is affordable, easy to use and is designed to simplify and assist providers with every aspect of the Medical Billing and Scheduling process. EZClaim is committed to providing the latest technologies and remaining in the forefront of ongoing industry changes.

  • Get paid faster

    Providers experience faster collections and fewer denials when submitting claims electronically.  EZClaim allows for quick and easy processing of your electronic claims, including DME, Chiropractic and Ambulance claims using the latest industry standards.

    • Send to all Payers
    • Reduce claim rejections
    • Auto post ERA’s
    • Eligibility verification
    • No contract required
  • Simplify your scheduling

    EZClaim Premier Scheduler, combined with Premier billing software, provides a complete, cost-effective, practice management solution.

    • Simple drag and drop interface
    • Color coded appointments
    • Patient receipts
    • Appointment templates
    • Track authorizations
    • Check eligibility


  • Expand your office capabilities

    EZClaim integrates and connects with a variety of applications and services to enhance your office productivity.

    • EMR – Amazing Charts, QuickEMR and more
    • Claim scrubbing – Real-time claim scrubbing against CTP, HCPCS. ICD-9, modifiers and POS codes.
    • Electronic patient statements – Upload patient statements for a variety of delivery and payment options

Billing Solutions

EZClaim Advanced 9 Click to Enlarge

EZClaim Advanced 9

EZClaim Advanced 9 is fully featured yet intuitive and easy to use.

  • ICD-10 ready and new CMS-1500 claim form
  • Electronic billing options
  • Payment and adjustment posting
  • Secondary claims
  • Auto-Posting
  • Extensive reporting
  • Patient statements
  • DMERC, Ambulance and Chiropractic billing
  • Authorizations
  • Recurring claims
  • Secure data backup with Cloud based access
  • Phone, email and forum Support options
  • Claim scrubbing as add-on-service
  • Comparison chart

Starting at $49/month Cloud access
or $395 Desktop

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EZClaim Premier Click to Enlarge

EZClaim Premier

Does your office require a more powerful medical billing program?

  • ICD-10 ready and new CMS-1500 claim form
  • Comprehensive billing system priced right
  • Fast, robust, scalable database technology
  • User level security and tracking
  • Billing service ready; multiple company files
  • Custom data fields
  • Eligibility options
  • Payment and adjustment posting
  • Patient statements
  • Document linking
  • Flexible reports
  • Task management system for follow-up
  • Interface with EMRs and other third party systems
  • Comparison chart

Starting at $139/month Cloud access
or $1995 Desktop

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Create Appointments — Simplify your Workflow

EZClaim Premier Scheduler Click to Enlarge

EZClaim Premier Scheduler

EZClaim Scheduler integrates with Premier billing or can be used as a standalone product.

  • Fully integrated with EZClaim billing
  • Convert appointments to claims
  • Drag and Drop appointment creation
  • Customize border and background colors
  • Search for open time slots
  • Track authorized visits
  • Appointment templates
  • Scheduling alerts
  • Eligibility options
  • Record patient payments
  • Print patient receipts
  • Customize super bill
  • Appointment wait List

Starting at $49/month Cloud access 
or $395 Desktop

Download 30-Day Trial